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Solution Optimization

Techwave’s Solution Optimization makes it easier for your business to deal with today’s rapid industry transformations. Among other things, our solution addresses application updates, consolidation, software management, and effective rollout strategies. We can handle the smooth deployment and optimization of just about any digital solution for your company.

It is a wonderful time, when a successful company's expansion becomes inevitable, but the process of expansion introduces new obstacles for the entire business, including, of course, its IT department.

Expanding the breadth of a company's business software, or, in other words, implementing a roll-out, is a difficult task, since it necessitates the efficient harmonisation of many corporate cultures. Our experts and project managers use their extensive experience and knowledge to ensure that such rollouts are successful.

Our client solution roll-out service covers the following functions:

  • Document translation, individual SAP changes, and reports.
  • Workshops with special application developers to be implemented.
  • Participating in functional and programme testing.
  • User education.
  • Facilitating communication between the mother company's IT department and its external SAP consultants.
  • Assisting with access rights distribution.
  • Data migration is a term used to describe the process of moving
  • Providing assistance to real start-ups (help desk, troubleshooting, additional training, monitoring).

When is it possible, when is it required, and when is it good to upgrade your SAP system?

In our world of dynamically developing application systems, all three of these questions are legitimate and important. Many businesses suffer because their current system is unable to keep up with the company's growth, as new business difficulties necessitate new skills and software solutions.

Our application upgrade service not only assists our clients in making upgrade decisions, but also guides them through the often-dark woods of system upgrading by assisting them in selecting the best and most effective technique.

We recommend and implement a cost-effective technological update, a more complex functional upgrade that makes major modifications to the existing system, or, if necessary, a complete system upgrade along with Business Process Reengineering, upon request.

We also offer to supply the environment required for the upgrade in a so-called hosted form during system transition time as part of our upgrade services. As a result, huge cost savings are possible.

In many cases, we've found that older SAP systems have add-ons and solutions that aren't compatible with SAP or non-SAP requirements.

System alterations that are illogical and unprofessional can be difficult, if not impossible, to update, making further system development unfeasible. This drastically limits the application's future usability and may jeopardise the company's profitability.

Application consolidation guarantees that SAP systems are used and operated in accordance with industry standards, allowing new functions and processes to be integrated to support the company's operations.

Consolidation can influence many system levels, ranging from organisational mapping to deactivating so-called standard (built-in) alterations to content migration to a reinstalled system.

As a result, we are delighted to offer our services to businesses that value information technology based on standard solutions and are adaptable enough in their operations to match their processes to the system's capabilities.

Even if a company adopts the above-mentioned mindset, there may be times when application consolidation is required, as the company may have evolved dramatically after the system was implemented. Our application consolidation service is ideal for clients that want to have a good start before embarking on a large-scale system development project.

Are you seeking for a professional partner to assist you in meeting the challenges offered by your ever-changing company needs? Techwave allows you to apply cutting-edge knowledge to the development of increasingly complex application solutions.

We have seen many “improvisations" that entirely neglect the possibilities lying in SAP components and up-to-date information technologies. Even if unwittingly, they become barriers to further developments and modifications.

To meet our clients' business goals, we create solutions that span SAP platforms and are tailored to their needs and capabilities. We prepare assessments on the applicability of various solutions that we have developed in theory, in order to assist decision-makers in evaluating the most relevant issues from a business standpoint. We also provide to carry out the execution of the best options in addition to planning. We also take care of the ongoing development of these solutions in light of changing technological backgrounds and changing business settings if needed.

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Solution Optimization

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