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Application Management

To stay up to date with the ever-changing business environment, your organization requires a comprehensive and cost-effective framework for managing all its applications.

With Techwave’s comprehensive Application Management Solutions, you can now automate and manage all critical applications and processes while focusing on what your company does best.

Since implementing SAP R/3 systems, many companies have become more sophisticated and complex with their application architectures.

We frequently encounter situations where expanding business demands put strain on a company's IT to the point that it can barely meet the requirements, if at all. Another key issue is that the professional level of a company's internal IT structure has been stuck at a specific point as a result of constant cost-cutting pressures, leaving IT assistance underfunded.

The ever-widening knowledge gap and increasingly complex tasks have left IT staff frustrated and unable to meet the company's demands.

Many of us feel the need to share our burdens with other people to focus on what is most important to us. Even though it is too difficult to ask others to carry our personal burdens, collaborating in Competence Centers, especially in SAP, ought not to be a major challenge today.

What you need for it is just a professional and experienced partner such as Your company's internal IT is already relieved of some work and responsibilities thanks to Techwave and a well-drafted service level share agreement.

As a kind of “side product" of our Competence Center collaboration service, your company will have Techwave as:

1) a technology and expertise partner who assists with task management.

2) takes care of the future of your organization.

3) Inherent in strategic consulting is the ability to obtain long-term benefits.

The assets of this partnership are also available to you not only for existing applications, but also for those being implemented in the future.

A variety of Techwave services are offered through its Help Desk. Our Help Desk is constructed according to ITIL guidelines and designed to serve the supported and operated systems as efficiently as possible.

The SAP Solution Manager ticket registration system and online interface with its related service records system are completely integrated into our Help Desk services from the moment of a problem report to it being resolved.

Our system assigns your report to a specialist whose experience best matches your requirements and who will work on your case in the order in which it was received.

Apart from basic SAP hosting training, our employees receive ongoing training in a variety of areas for their professional and personal development. Several of our coworkers are SAP support consultants with years of experience.

At the conclusion of each month, the Help Desk provides a service level report to each client detailing the services that were delivered in accordance with the SLA (service level agreement).

Our Help Desk ensures that reported issues and requests are routed to the most qualified individual to handle them. Our most experienced and trained staff can focus their time and energy to fixing problems that demand their knowledge thanks to our multilayered help desk concept.

New SAP users have joined the group; they have no concept of where they are or what system they are using, but they must nonetheless function well. Is this a problem you've encountered before?

Who will assist them in completing a specific task? Who are the most important users? Yes, in theory, but these essential users are frequently busy, necessitating outside assistance.

The following scenario may ring a bell: the organization needs to implement new processes that have never been implemented before, although the SAP system is performing admirably in other areas.

Can SAP be used in this situation as well?

When management wishes to rearrange company operations, what should you do and what should you pay attention to?

Our business process support services include:

1) Study of the effects of business decisions on the organization of a company,

2) IT and operations

3) Preparation of proposals and the identification of organizational steps that must be taken

4) Managing Change

5) Review and assessment of their implementation

Our consulting services in connection with the application and modification of processes that are strongly tied to, but do not necessitate changes in, SAP systems may be able to help you navigate through the numerous questions and issues.

When your company has experienced a major change in SAP user personnel, and your managers cannot yet answer the increasingly complicated questions, you and your company will need our assistance.

When our clients purchase SAP R/3 software licences, we enter a software maintenance contract with them, under which they are entitled to our SAP software maintenance services for a full year in exchange for a quarterly maintenance charge.

What exactly does the client get for this cost, and how can this service be chosen, are two frequently asked questions. Below we try to give short answers to these questions.

Within the framework of the maintenance service, SAP supports the continuous use of its software in the following main categories:

  • Follow-up with the legal department (e.g. for the monthly changes in the HR module)
  • Updating the version
  • Packages for maintenance
  • Bugs in software

Within the framework of a high-level maintenance service called Enterprise Support, SAP provides the following additional support:

  • Extra time for follow-up
  • In high-priority cases, a guaranteed response time is provided.
  • In certain circumstances, direct access is available.
  • Checks for quality
  • Courses and training

However, in order for the client to use these services, it must first meet SAP's standards. In order to make use of the service's capabilities, the client must have the following capabilities. Such requirements include

  • Establishing a client's own competence center.
  • Implementing, operating, and using SAP Solution Manager (Solution Manager is a separate SAP system for live system support and client-SAP communication.) There is no separate license fee to be paid for SM).
  • Communication in the English language.

These requirements are reasonable; yet, it is clear that if a corporation wants to achieve them, it will have to spend a significant amount of money. Clients who utilize Techwave's SAP maintenance services will not be required to account for these costs.

At the Help Desk of Techwave, we utilize English-talking staff whose individuals are capable associates prepared to help day in and day out. Large numbers of them are qualified SAP support specialists. Indeed, even our SAP Solution Manager framework, enhanced by Techwave itself, is fit to get calls and reports and forward them to SAP if fundamental.

As a result, Techwave's software support solution encompasses all of SAP's maintenance services as well as its own innovation and experience.

We recommend our software support services to any SAP license holders who want to take use of SAP Enterprise Support without having to invest in the necessary infrastructure.

There must be several questions popping up in your minds, like:

1)Why can't the completely loaded truck go because “the SAP won't print the delivery note"?

2) Are you unable to prepare an invoice for your irritated and impatient customer?

3) The new law's effective date is approaching, but you're not sure how you'll handle it in your IT system, or where you'll locate a professional who can help?

Unfortunate events that obstruct or jeopardize routine business operations can occur at any time.

However, the continuous operation of your organization's IT infrastructure, as well as the quick resolution of emergent challenges and problems, are critical. More importantly, even a little period of unstructured personal time or erroneous action might cause serious harm or loss to your company.

It is in this way unavoidable that you have an expert group which is constantly accessible and reacts rapidly to issues and demands – a group which gives you the assistance you need and when you need it.

Techwave's application support services (or Application Management Services – AMS), which can be accessed through our SAP Help Desk, provide quick and customized solutions to the SAP R/3 areas of your partially or fully outsourced corporate IT, regardless of whether your challenges are technical or related to the support of your business processes.

Customers who choose these services get the benefits of SAP Enterprise Support at the same time. Techwave has all the essential tools and meets all of SAP's requirements, so our clients don't have to spend their own money on SAP Solution Manager implementation or the construction of an English-language competence center.

Within the framework of application support services, the following main areas of support are covered:

  • Support from key users
  • Training for key users
  • Management of incidents
  • Management of changes
  • Follow-up with the legal department
  • Content management in the workplace
  • Collaboration between competence centers

These services are recommended to

  • Clients who do not want to hire their own people to manage their SAP system's IT operations, critical user support, or business support
  • Customers who want to broaden their professional knowledge can do so by contacting us.
  • Those who want to ensure the security of their company's information technology.

The misconception that “change management" includes changes to application system installations or advancements is common.

What is then “change management”?

In this example, the term “changes" refers to internal company changes. Change management, on the other hand, refers to the management of changes that arise as a result of organizational, people, and process-related decisions.

Our consultants assist our clients in comprehending, identifying, and dealing with these steps by identifying the natural effects of changes on the SAP systems in use and their users, as well as assisting in the resolution of issues such as decreased productivity rates due to changes, information gaps, and temporary process problems. Our expertise in this field enables us to avoid common pitfalls and subsequent business losses.

If your company uses SAP systems and/or related IT solutions and is facing or undergoing considerable structural transformation, you will require our assistance.

What is the greatest asset of companies today? The answer is obvious: knowledge.

Or, to put it another way, most of the knowledge is stored in the heads of the company's experts and in the documents produced by business operations.

Is it possible to effectively manage knowledge? Is it possible to pass information on to future generations?

Our answer is YES!

A company's SAP-based procedures can be properly documented, and with current technology, these records can be recycled. From the standpoint of knowledge management, the so-called Learning Solution (LSO) is significant among SAP components, Enterprise Portal, and SAP's e-Learning solution. The deployment of these techniques in a well-informed and up-to-date manner opens up new dimensions in today's information management. Knowing SAP-supported processes is a unique set of skills that firms might possess. In this area, we also provide specialized training for key users and, if necessary, end users, who learn about business procedures and SAP handling as part of these processes during our courses.

If you've ever had a situation at work when the departure of a few key employees caused major disruptions in the smooth running of procedures, these services are highly recommended.

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Application Management

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