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Application Services

We are devoted to providing you with an Application Service Experience that is high-performing, dependable, and secure. From managing all types of hosting operations to maintaining and administering the whole environment, Techwave’s Application Service has you covered.

Do you want to try out a new SAP component or function before purchasing it?

The most cost-effective approach to test and evaluate new SAP R/3 applications is to use our evaluation hosting service. We only need a few days to set up the system environment for the client to begin working on the evaluation project. There is no need for additional funding or internal reorganisation; the system can be built swiftly and securely, and the client can access it via a VPN or rented line. The client may concentrate solely on choosing the finest software rather than worrying about infrastructure and organisation.

The service includes the provision of

  • Data center's hosting of servers.
  • Access to the SAP system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Service level reports are issued on a monthly basis.
  • The free movement of trial configurations to their final testing environment.

Financing solutions with a variety of terms and fees are available.

Have you ever had any of the following issues with your SAP R/3 system?

  • Are you concerned about mission-critical data servers' physical security?
  • Backup security and scheduling aren't up to par?
  • Are your system's slowness or abrupt failures causing unforeseen issues in your company processes?
  • Is it tough for internal IT workers to keep up with SAP technological changes?
  • Is it true that opening new branches, commencing new company operations, or increasing production volume necessitates scalable IT infrastructure that is immediately available?
  • Do you wish to stay away from costly surprises and hefty investments?

Techwave Hungary's SAP Hosting Service can take care of all the hassles associated with your SAP business and ensure that it runs smoothly.

Why should you use Techwave's SAP Hosting?

  • Professional – IT skills and capacities are unrestricted.
  • Quick – customers save time and effort.
  • Service period and scope flexibility – improved support for business demands
  • Better TCO – less expensive and more reasonable
  • Service levels that are consistent – you get what you pay for
  • Operation risk is managed by the responsible provider.
  • There will be no investment, thus capital will be released.
  • Costs are simple to plan – corporate IT costs are transparent.
  • The idea of an evergreen concept is to better handle business changes and requirements.
  • There are no issues with ERP-IT, so you can focus on your core business.
  • Set aside liquid funds for future investments (alternative cost)
  • Scalable – can expand with your company.
  • Operating costs are the costs of providing a service, not the costs of owning an asset.

Is a version upgrade in your future? Would you like a rapid and cost-effective solution to this problem?

Techwave meets companies' hardware demands during the transition time of their SAP upgrade project, preventing our clients from investing in gear that may become obsolete later (Within the framework of our upgrade hosting services).

We also offer our clients our IT experience and expertise in change management in the form of a customised service package that includes all technological aspects in accordance with the clients' transition objectives.

Our upgrade hosting services include

  • Familiarity with the live SAP application's content.
  • Putting old content through its paces in a new setting.
  • Change request management.
  • Until the start of live operation, provide help desk service and monitor support tickets.
  • Monthly reporting on service quality.
  • The data center's hosting of servers;
  • Access to the SAP system is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
  • The easy movement of trial setups to their future production environments.
  • Financing choices with a variety of terms and price.

External access to your company's internal SAP-based services is prohibited by internal regulations? Or does the organisation lack the necessary skills to set up and operate SAP frames?

SAP, in response to rapidly changing business needs and technical advancements, offers a number of solutions in addition to the well-known R/3 system, which can be used in conjunction with R/3 or separately. LSO (Learning Solution), a system for distant learning and examination, the SAP portal, the WEB-shop, and even BI and CRM are among these offerings.

Many businesses tightly prevent external access to their internal IT system in order to secure corporate information. This safeguarding prohibition is understandable and even beneficial. External access to systems of lesser commercial importance, on the other hand, is impossible. This may restrict system users from setting their own time to log in independently from one another, possibly in large numbers, and from anywhere they want, and perform tasks that are beneficial to the firm (for example, train, take an exam, or build their career).

Another issue could be that, despite wanting to exploit a system's unique features, the organisation lacks the personnel with the requisite expertise and experience to deploy and manage the system, or the company simply lacks the means to do so.

The SAP Frame Service from Techwave is the answer to the problems mentioned above.

We recommend this service to those who:

  • If you don't want to learn, you can just use the system.
  • Seek to expand their company IT services in a cost-effective manner.
  • Internal regulations forbid them from carrying out such actions.
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Application Services

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