Solution For Production

Optimize your manufacturing processes with the best software!

From years of experience servicing the industry, we have evolved our system into an SAP Business All-in-One based ERP solution called Smart Enterprise for Production.

It manages takes like:
– Complex management tasks of manufacturing companies
– Product Management
– Product classification
– Supervision of subcontracted production
– Project oriented manufacturing
– Integrated and automated sales
– Purchasing, shipping and production planning
– Stock management and pricing solutions

Our experience with the food industry was indispensable in understanding fields like agricultural processing and production, dairy products, soft drink bottling industry, and plastic and metal processing industry.

SAP R/3 based solutions for manufacturing companies can be further classified by the different production technologies they employ:

Requirement Solution: Techwave’s SAP Smart Enterprise PP Module

Multiple output processes

–          Grain Mill Products

–          Slaughterhouse

–          Chemical Industry

By product manufacturing

–          Production planning model with process and production orders

Assembly process

–          Industrial Machinery

–          Food Production

Discrete Manufacturing

–          Production planning models with just production orders

Batch- oriented process manufacturing

–          Livestock and Eggs

–          Production

–          Chemical Industry

Process Manufacturing

–          Production planning model with just process orders

Lean Production

–          Beverages

–          Plastic Products

–          FMCG Products

Repetitive Manufacturing

–          Production planning model with production scheduling

Multiple units of measurement

–          Prepared Meat Products

–          Dairy Products (Cheese)

Production planning and controlling

–          Special warehouse handling

Our system is built on the foundation of the insights that we have gathered from our former customers experiences and best practices. All of these practices have been proven to be efficacious everywhere it was used.

The solution is usually within a couple of months. It is scalable to meet customer demands and can be easily connected to other systems without any need for internal IT staff.

Our SAP Industry solution have the following specialised offerings for the production sector:

ERP Financials

  • Support financing and banking processes
  • Real time asset value registration
  • Handling different currencies synchronically
  • Profitability Analysis COPA in SAP Controlling Module by products, customers, divisions, brands, and periods (promotions)

ERP Logistics/ Sales

  • Pricing based on service.
  • Transport Management
  • Returnable packaging management
  • Multiple level customer and pricing hierarchy
  • Barcode integration
  • EDI Interface option
  • Mobile sales management

ERP Production

  • Quality management from procurement to production until final product is released.
  • Focuses on all aspects of the manufacturing processes.
  • Planning capacity, norm, and cost analysis
  • Production reporting and planning


  • SAP Payroll accounting along with HR modules connected to production module.
  • Accounting of overtime hours
  • Shift bonus accounting
  • Other bonuses accounting
  • Incentive wages accounting


  • Business partners, lead, contact management.
  • Planning and checking marketing activities and ensuring their integration with daily actions of sales representatives.
  • Optimizing and monitoring sales representative’s activity
  • Check out opportunities by simplified revenues calculation.

B2B & A2A Interfaces

  • Master Data Management
  • IMFR: Activity data transfer
  • PLC Control