Solution For Service

Smart Enterprise for Service is a certified SAP industry solution that puts specific focus on the problems that are characteristic of medium enterprises in the service sector.  

We provide solutions like: 

  • Project planning and management 
  • Performance and fulfilment settlement 
  • Target Evaluation
  • Management of related inventory and resources 
  • Service based pricing classification. 
  • Maintenance of pricing conditions 
  • Billing and sales functions 

We also provide specialised solutions to the service sector: 

ERP Financials

  • Posting and settlement with cost and profit centres 
  • Project management and settlement 
  • Company code mass processing 
  • Cost, profit centre and control of project 
  • Financial accounting based on accounting rules of countries like RO, SK, etc 

ERP Logistics/ Sales

  • Pricing based on service.
  • Sales and services- Settlement and billing 


  • Lead, contact and business partner management. 
  • Look out for opportunities by simplified calculations of revenue. 

B2B & A2A Interfaces

  • Banking system interface 
  • Cafeteria: Web- based declaration 
  • E- Service interface that error management.