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Solution For Food

Gain a competitive edge with Techwave’s All in one SAP Solutions. We provide custom-made offerings that suit the size of your business and help your business become super-efficient.

Solution For Food

Businesses in the food industry find it hard to exercise an ideal level of control over their operations because of the vast and diverse nature of the organizational functions. All these activities require great attention and a well-developed IT support team.

A few of such operations are listed below:

  • Purchasing and processing all kinds of materials of various quality
  • Following recipes
  • Handling by products and co products at multiple levels of processing
  • Keeping track of products from production to consumers
  • Checking and managing expiry dates in warehouses using FIFO, FEFO or other management strategies
  • Product commissioning
  • Billing to large no. of customers
  • Cost price calculation
  • Multi-level break even analysis
  • Daily reports for periodic settlement with retailers

All the above functions are vital in the food business. It requires a solutions partner who can adapt to market changes quickly and ensure operations occur seamlessly. We have several years of experience servicing the industry and we have curated a service that fulfils the unique requirements of our customers in the food sector. The SAP Business All-in-one based industry solution is the perfect partner that specializes in working with mid-sized, consumer good/ food-based companies.

Our solutions are tailor made to fit the needs of specific companies. Our flexibility and personalization give us an opportunity to be extremely agile when implementing service parameters. The roster of services that we provide match the industry benchmark and hence your company operates according to the best practices of the industry. The application implementation will drastically improve operational efficiency and give your company a competitive edge amongst the rest of its industry peers.

Here are the food industry specific solutions we provide:

  • Pricing based on quality.
  • Retail chains get special pricing.
  • Support of financing and banking processes
  • Real time asset value registration
  • Handling different currencies easily and synchronically.
  • Profitability Analysis COPA in SAP Controlling Module (by group of customers, products, countries or even by sales representatives)

  • Transport Management
  • (SFP) Special Food Processing module
  • Returnable packaging management
  • Warehouse management with different picking and putting away strategies.
  • Multiple level pricing and customer hierarchy
  • EDI interface option
  • Mobile Sales Management

  • Catch Weight Management
  • Quality management from procurement to production until final product
  • Comprehensively covers every aspect of manufacturing process.
  • Cost analysis and capacity planning by machines
  • Production reporting and planning

  • SAP Payroll accounting along with HR modules connected to Production module.
  • Overtime hours accounting
  • Bonus shift accounting
  • Other bonuses accounting
  • Incentive wages accounting

  • Contact, lead and business partner management.
  • Planning and checking marketing activities and coordinate their integration with daily actions by sales representatives.
  • Optimizing and monitoring sales representatives’ activity
  • Look out for opportunities by simplified revenues calculation.

  • KAPU – module (management and settlement of gate transactions)
  • MIXER (recipe development, production on recipe)
  • VanSales – shipping by vans equipped with PDA.
  • MOBIKER – customer adviser equipped with PDA.
  • Fast electronic data exchange with suppliers & customers
  • Webshop
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Solution For Food

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