Solution For Trade

Looking for an IT solutions partner that can support quick and smooth sales of large volumes? 

Apart from being proficient at handling various business management tasks, Techwave’s SAP based trade solution focuses on the special functionalities required by wholesale and retail companies. These operations are not only limited to sales, pricing, registry and billing but they are also capable of performing continuous economic efficiency analysis, purchase support, inventory, and stock management (especially with e- commerce) is indispensable.  

The SAP Business All-in-one system is currently used by more than hundred businesses, primarily with their commercial activities. With our experience and user insight, we have ascertained that the software is applicable in many accounting environments and users have familiarised themselves with its operations. It has now effectively become an indispensable tool for companies that need to have up to date information of their financial situation daily. With inventory and sales modules linked to the finance modules, the software enables the formation of a completely integrated online system which connects multiple business sites, be it, wholesale branches, or retail chain stores.  

The system is built using the industry benchmark and performs in accordance with the best practices in the industry. This SAP ERP solution can be implemented in a couple of months, and it is scalable. It can also be connected to other systems with ease and there is no need for an internal IT staff’s presence for its operation.  

  • Flexible billing management, also available independent of inventory
  • Inverse tax management according to VAT Act in incoming and outgoing invoices
  • Flexible management of different currencies and exchange rates
  • Locations can be fully integrated into the central system; electronic data interchange is provided.
  • In retail shops, billing works even during a system error.
  • Item’s origin can be searched from general ledger just to individual invoices.
  • Fully electronic bank connection
  • Automatic generation of statistical reports
  • Profitability Analysis COPA in SAP Controlling Module by products, customers, divisions, brands, and periods (promotions)
  • Evaluation and sub-ledger of retail, shop data
  • Option to evaluate retail turnover by payment methods, credit sub-ledger.
  • Flexible transfer price determination towards retail units

  • Transport Management
  • Returnable packaging management
  • Partner block and dynamic credit limit check when entering a sale order.
  • Decrease, detect, and eliminate inventory frauds.
  • Inventory optimization, reducing inventory financing demands, speeding up inventory turnover, identifying slow-moving items.
  • Simplifying and speeding up the warehouse processes by using integrated barcode technology.
  • Optimizing warehouse capacity
  • Goods monitoring from purchase to shipment
  • Customer and vendor refunds management
  • Goods return problem management.
  • Mobile Sales Management
  • Sales promotion management

  • Catch Weight Management
  • Quality management from procurement to production until final product
  • Comprehensively covers every aspect of manufacturing process.
  • Cost analysis and capacity planning by machines
  • Production reporting and planning

  • SAP Payroll accounting and HR administration modules connected to Production module
  • Mapping shop structure in HR master data maintenance
  • Mapping shop structure in HR costs assessment.

  • Business partner, contact and lead management.
  • Planning and checking marketing activities and their integration with daily actions of sales representatives.
  • Monitor and optimize sales representatives’ activity.
  • Monitor opportunities by simplified revenues calculation.

  • Quick and correct Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to customers and vendors
  • Webshop
  • Interface to external warehouse management system (such as MASPED, BERTRANS etc.)
  • Interface to retail and shop systems (NEXT, eLink)