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The total cost while purchasing an SAP system is calculated by keeping several aspects in mind. The initial sum adds up to several thousand dollars which is followed by a regular monthly expenditure. However, now, there are several more financing solutions available for you. You can finance the acquisition from SAP Financing or rent the applications.

The final solution can also be a combination of different financing solutions.

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Credits – SAP Financing

Generally, the credit institutions turn down the requests to give credits for buying software due to the absence of material collaterals for such purchases. Hence, SAP has come up with its service called SAP Financing, enabling an organization to receive a credit to cover system implementation costs without any collateral and own funds for up to seven years. Software and hardware costs, consulting costs, implementation, and several other internal costs (e.g., training) are covered under this credit. The lending transaction is led by credit rating, and the term is defined accordingly. This solution has recently gained a lot of popularity among companies.

Renting Option

In this option, you do not require a hefty investment to start using the application. You can rent the equipment and software after a small round of negotiation and introduction. The company is provided with the essential components of the software on a regular monthly fee.


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